ONE FATHER [progenitor], ONE FAMILY, ONE FLESH, ONE LOVE … !! — privilege through money, or servant through Christ: Christ-ian-ity is a re-definition of life vs. Mammon’s evil, corporate definitions, perspectives; CHANGE YOUR DEFINITION AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A NEW MIND !! – Christ is *not* Mammon: power is not money [corporate money is “worthless” to God(-ing)] – “bystander” attitudes must be changed; we must be the healers vs. business [the illness; the disease]; THE “POWER” OF GOD, OF LOVE, IS JUST THAT: “LOVE” [love moves mountains, love heals all] !! – MAMMON/BUSINESS IS THE SACRIFICE OF OTHERS, CHRIST-IAN-ITY IS THE SACRIFICE OF SELF !! – commonwealth and stewardship vs. private wealth and consumption [comfort and security at the expense (the sacrifice) of others] !! – THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS THE KINGDOM OF *LOVE*: THE RULE OF LOVE [entering a new realm; a paradigm of love] !! – WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE TO SACRIFICE OTHERS TO OURSELVES, TO DEMAND FROM THEM THEIR LIVES, GIVEN TO THEM BY GOD ?? – MAMMON IS CLAIM, OUR EXCUSE, OUR EVIL: MAMMON MAKES US IDOL(S) DEMANDING SACRIFICE, WE CLAIM “RIGHT OF GOD” INDIVIDUALLY AND AS GROUP [nation] !!


Being [convinced], Doing [conviction]: GOD BEING *IS* GOD-ING [Doing], *not* wanting and taking from each other, but contributing, gifting each other [the “return” on a love investment is love]; nothing [no thing] nor anybody or group is above the sanctity of a single human being !! — we must be gifted inorder to gift: love us, so that we may love … teach us … keep us … WE HAVE TO BE HEALED TO HEAL, TAUGHT TO TEACH, LOVED TO LOVE, vs. the violation of God: the commodification of life [of God], the ersatz control mechanism, “the” crime against humanity; this is the “mark of the Beast” systemic, the identifying sign, the “self-definition”, the eco-nomic social engagement !! – the “systemic” is self-defining: human beings are NOT commodities to be consumed [wasted, thrown away; used and abused]: A HUMAN BEING IS NOT A PRODUCT [to be bought, but a gift to be given: the return is love !!], NOT A RESOURCE FOR BUSINESS [human resources]; those who have “value” above their fellows must GIVE their value to those “under-valued” [a redefinition, an active and transitional re-defining into the God Family community (based on love)]; the “end-game” means of business [pillage, rape and abandonment (colonialism; the individual)] has nothing to do with God or community !! – the Holy Waters of God will be the “final liquidation” of business !!

The COG (Church of God) Inc., is changing [has changed; (ab)used] the Truth of God into a lie [Rom 1:25], causing their error [Amos 2:4], worshipping and serving Mammon [as master; Matt 6:24], *holding* the truth in unrighteousness [Rom 1:18]; they are deceived, the “lie in their right hand” is NOT recognized [Isa 44:20] – Mammon’s “income” as determinant, as eligibility for life, vs. “outcome” [our God-ing] as our community contribution [reciprocity], gifting the gifts of God, freely [GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF LIFE] !! — corporate media is NOT the truth of God, it is packaged information for a corporate culture, group prejudiced; it is mental [mentation] attrition [worn away], the erosion of the public mind [sand of the sea] – the COG must be God’s House of Prayer [binding and loosening], *active* [being/doing] prayer, IN CONTACT WITH GOD, APPLYING GOD [not re-defining Him], *IN* CHRIST’S NAME [in-and-of “SALVATION” (Jesus) and the “ANOINTING” (Christ)]; we are to be the healers in all aspects of life !! – GOD(-ing) IS NOT A SIDE-SHOW OR THEATRE: humility and faith [conviction], a still, small voice of love [of power]; true power [sincere belief; mind of God] is *not* enslavement [or blindness] … IT IS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY: PURE, AGAPE LOVE !!

“A society that welcomes people of all races and social classes, that is characterized by love not polarization, that cares most for its weakest members, that stands for justice and righteousness in a world enamored with selfishness and decadence, a society in which members compete [SEEK, STRIVE] for the privilege of serving [GIFTING] one another – this is what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of God.” [Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew (1995)] — OUR PRESENT EVIL SOCIETY HAS *NO* “RIGHT TO EXIST”, IT HAS NO LEGITIMACY IN THE SIGHT OF GOD; OUR SELFISHNESS HAS NO EXCUSE !!

“In any situation of oppression, especially in those oblique, indirect, and systemic ones where injustice wears a mask of normalcy or even of necessity, the only ones who are innocent or blessed [NON-COMPLICIT] are those squeezed out [OR WITHDRAW] deliberately as human junk [AS REFUSE, REDUNDANCY TERMINATED, OR AS “CRIMINAL” APOSTATES] from the system’s own evil operations [KOSMOS].” [John Dominic Crossan, “Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography” (1994)]

God(-ing) regards profit *as* “the other’s benefit”, NOT Mammon’s self-definition; GOD IS NOT DEFINED BY MAMMON !! – wages [giving life] based on profits [taking life] are predicated upon the sacrifice of others [who have *no* share, only scraps (vs. fellowship; bread-fellows)]; Mammon’s end-game of death [death must exceed life, to give life (to a chosen few)] !! – MAMMON BY ITS VERY NATURE TAKES LIFE, ONLY GOD IS GIVER OF LIFE !! – a CHRIST-IAN is one *in* the HOLY “name” of JESUS [my God is SALVATION] the CHRIST [the ANOINTED, the anointing (our response-ability); the HOLY SPIRIT]; EVERY THOUGHT MUST BE *OF* SALVATION [healing] *AS* THE ANOINTED OF GOD [our Being] unto RIGHTEOUSNESS [our Doing] !! – if we are part of the hurt [the disease of Mammon], then we are NOT the “healers” [of Salvation, of “Jesus”]; if our thoughts are *in* the world [“kosmos” systemic], then we are NOT acting as the Anointed [Body of “Christ”], we are grieving the *Holy* Spirit [the very mind(-ing) of God]; our “minds” must be Holy [the result of our being and doing (our conversion)]; 1 Peter 1:15-16 “But as he which hath called you is Holy, so be ye Holy in *all* manner of conversation (Lexicon G391, manner of life, conduct, behavior); Because it is written, Be ye Holy; for I am Holy.” … “as God is, so are we in the world [kosmos]” vs. Mammon’s unholy psychosis [unrighteousness], negating our response-ability !!

Christian “resistance” *is* understanding NOT a “fighting with shadows, or imaginary enemies” … we must understand NOT resist; resisting actually increases the evil; we have been fighting with shadows; we are fighting forces that are empowered by our *not* understanding their nature … the “relationship of self” with these forces, our mindset: THE POWER OF EVIL IS DECEPTION, THE POWER OF GOD IS *TRUTH* !! – OUR FALSE DEFINITIONS EXIST BY, AND DEMAND THE EVIL, AND EVIL IS THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING [a good understanding have all they who obey God’s Commandments (our being and doing: character of God); KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY IS TO *DEPART* FROM EVIL (withdrawal and expatriation); our “relationship of self” with Mammon (“love” of money: profane “friendship, association” with the world; the unequal yoke; instru-mentality)] !! – WE MUST REALIZE [and understand] THAT THE OPPRESSOR CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OPPRESSED !! – Our God is “self-existent” [Jehovah], “oppression in any form” has nothing to do with God !!

Corporate business is the exploitation of our human-ity, of our very “being” [and doing]; we [and God] have been usurped, profit is a “proceed from crime” and the crime *is* “business” [crime(s) against humanity: war and oppression, slavery] – God will invoke forfeiture and seizure from us, *for* us: common-wealth will be instituted: corporate monies will be abolished, all claim will be terminated; MERCY AND TRUTH WILL COVER THE LAND [minds for God vs. minds for business] !! – a “society of the gift” is a society well *beyond* cooperation, it is a society of unselfish love, many “agape” communities considered as one, where well-being and enhancement of all [God’s Way] is the primary principle and consideration [in all things] !! – the “self” stands opposed to God in our “being and doing”, this is our adversary [the “adversary” personified]; everything done in service of self(-ishness) is evil [personal gain at the expense of another] – GOD IS A COMPLETE CHANGE OF MIND(-ing): PERFECT, PURE, ENCOMPASSING THOUGHT !! – we are to take care of each other: we are one in being and doing vs. monied privilege as selfish excuse [“money” replacing, opposed to, our God(-ing)], expressing our spiritual poverty [wealth creates poverty, needs poverty, *is*poverty, physically and spiritually; islands of wealth are dependent upon a sea of poverty to meet their needs and demands (our lusts and privileges are a demand on others, a taking); business (mind-ing) is a taking for “self”] !!