Chapter 4

The Kingdom of God is not only the future utopia that is a promise from God, but is also a physical and spiritual blueprint, the communitarian model propounded in the Bible; it is the form of society that Christ Jesus and the apostolic era Christians practised; it is the model that we are encouraged to practise today; the Kingdom of God is the libertarian Government of God, an anarcho-communitarian federation of communities; the Constitution is the 10C; the Declaration of Independence is the Sermon on the Mount [the non-systemic doctrine that is so foreign to man’s corporate construct]; the communitarian Church of God, a movement not an organization – the good book instructs us to regard the ants, their industriousness as a model [an ant colony = anarcho-symbiosis(sys); coordinated behavior; interaction of components (without hierarchical government)]; Proverbs 6:6 Go to the ant … consider her ways [a living system], and be wise [the application of knowledge]; God represents many things to many people, but no matter your definition, the common meaning is *reason* and dialogue; “come now, and let us reason together…” [Isaiah 1:18] [Christ/Messiah is that “common definition” no matter your spiritual profession, your “religion”; many paths (the social definition/expression) leading to the one God, all “common sourced”; many avowed atheists are better Christ-ians than many who profess; many do not believe, yet “know” God in their daily interactions] – the dominant force for the future must be cooperation not corporate exclusivity; human-scale *living stones* not unyielding corporate monoliths.

Micah 4:3 And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. 4:4 But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make [them] afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken [it]. 4:5 ** For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever. **


Conversion is a process – the communitarian path will lead us back to God; the present system is guilty of “crimes against humanity”, nay, “crimes against the future of humanity” – real spiritual joy, the joy that flows from God is also co-dependent on physical joy, the joy made possible by a right way of life; God has provided the blueprint, the plan of action for us to follow that will mesh with our genetic potential, that will unleash mankind to fulfill its potential within the God Family; our way of life is the determinant; let us begin !! – it begins within the individual, within each of us – the system is psychological, we must break the barrier; we must turn from [repent] the Mammon-construct – when we read the scriptures we are entering into a dialogue with God [Christ is the Word; the definition]; some things are written in stone [ie., the 10C; we are the *living stones*, the active living law, the living example to all, the witness] but God is seeking those willing to dialogue, to reason with him; the benefit is for ourselves; there is a direction existent that is a perfect match for our human design, all else will lead to design fatigue, failure and collapse; the prophetic determinants are a testament to this, history does repeat itself; our world-systemic [G2889 kosmos] is a cancer !!

Those within the hierarchy are guilty of “obstruction of justice”, the *chain* of command vs. the liberation of humankind — we are all complicit; this is the first step, the realization that leads to the conversion process:
* awareness, realization, alternatives;
* humility, a contrite heart [Isa. 66, “to this man will I look”];
* seeking [unselfish] truth, the beginning of conscientious objection;
* a comprehensive critique of society; a process of refusals and developing critique; changing one’s personal life, “everyday life”, is ultimately the motivation for changing society;
* if we’re to come to grips with transforming this world, then we’d better get used, not to living with contradictions, but to striving with and against them, and make sure that we make the optimal use of our creative capacities to overcome them;
* seeking solutions, dialogue, co-intelligence, a shared experience, Circles Of REliance [CORE] group(s);
* expatriation and repudiation; we cannot serve two masters, it is either God or Mammon !!
* the communitarian way of Christ.

The Gospel message is a message of *action* – God is a verb NOT a noun – a living faith; an alternative to this world’s system – “come out of her, my people, and be ye separate” [in all aspects of life; if you use the government’s economy, you serve the economy’s government], “be ye perfect”, not friends [associates] of this evil world [James 4:4]; give unto God what is God’s [incl., His people; the government issue]; God will lead the converted and unconverted and will collapse the Mammon-construct by His common Liberty, the communitarian way, the living Gospel and witness; the manifestation of this world’s evil is its *money*, the “graven” image and the invented, controlled, fluctuating markets, the “molten” image; the “unrighteousness of Mammon” the personification.

Self-interest [personal gain at the expense of another], the definition of evil, man’s way, the “-ism’s”, usury of others; RIGHTEOUSNESS is the recognition and resultant conduct away from self-interest, recognition beyond oneself, God’s way [true love the determinant: God’s faith as gift; righteousness is obedience to the commandments through faith; God’s *nature of interaction* for His Family]; each of us is dependent on the interests of others; a society of the gift – diminished credibility [each act of self-interest in whatever form expressed]; Christianity is *the path away from self-interest* — the *national interest* of America, the people [separate from the national interest of the US, the Mammon-construct] is NOT served by the murder of any [of one or of many], whatever the label applied, whatever the context [all have the potential of adoption into the God Family no matter how misguided, self-serving they are today, and must be treated as such]; no killing is justified, and neither is the *use* of human beings as commodities or tools for the purpose of profit, the slavery of the many for the benefit of the few !!

The sacrifice to the systemic construct, the false altar; the rule of unrighteous law should not and cannot be endured and justified by a *civilized* society; civil-realization based on righteous law and social practise is a must, indeed a prerequisite to the Kingdom of God; the misery experienced around the world, around each of us, is a tragedy, and our turning of our backs, the indifference expressed, is a tragedy in itself; unexamined privilege is a crime !! – it is what we *don’t do* with the gift of privilege, *our* privilege; God is watching !! – we have to stop asking “why does God allow this, the pain, the hurt, the suffering?”; instead we must ask “why do *we* allow this?” – we *are* the active agents of God, we *are* members of the Family of God, God has given *us* the responsibility [response-ability; the ability to respond (the Holy Spirit)] !!

Well done good and faithful servant; the application of God is our responsibility !! – the Kingdom of God cannot be built on man’s foundations, the constructs existent – God provides the alternative, and His foundation is not the way of man – man’s ways are NOT God’s ways !! — an adversarial covenant vs. the covenant of righteousness and judgement, the foundation of God’s Throne – we must pull down the false alters, we must recover the Law of God — wisdom is the *sense* of the world, of creation and our place and responsibility within it — making sense out of the world *not* cents out of the world – money is a measure of worthlessness; the more money, the more worthless !! — the Word of God is priceless; asking for money for God’s truth, putting a price on the Gospel, is *cheapening* God’s Word – God will provide His way; within the systemic: minimize, voluntary simplicity, withdrawal !! — sharing in, reaping the benefits [false fruits] of monetary barbarism [ethics are arbitrary] is sin, a crime against ourselves and God; it makes us complicit in crimes against humanity !! — we cannot in good conscience partake of a systemic derived from inhuman practises !! – the force of God’s character and consciousness residing within compels us to change !!

God’s words are to be applied to God’s community, NOT in support of man’s constructs, in support of man’s carnal ways, using God as excuse and authority – we have to reach beyond man and extend into the God realm !! — our society and its structures *deny* God – we deny God in our daily living, in our self-serving attitudes and machinations [to devise, plan, or plot artfully, esp. with evil intent; an artful or secret plot or scheme] – we deny God with our categorizing, our labelling of each other [labels negate humanity], we are all *one* in Christ Jesus — our narrow views, our vested self-interest and protection of the same is opposed to the Kingdom of God !! – labels imply judgment, they imply a *lessening* – God’s community is a community where each of us considers the other’s well-being as primary, and she/he in turn, where there are no labels, only members of the God Family, where “mine and thine” [the artificial barriers] do not exist – labels, and their application is NOT loving your fellow man as yourself and as such deny God’s Character [10C].

The crux of the matter is this: do you believe in the Word of God, or not ?? – what system of belief do you hold to: God’s or Satan’s ?? – if to Christ, then are you a hearer only, and not a doer of the word, hearing God but following the adversary, and if so, why? – we must break the yoke, the constraints of man’s society [the systemic disregard of God], while at the same time build the alternative – God speaks of righteousness, the perfecting of Humanity; the whole Law of God is summed up by love towards God and love towards your fellow man; there is NO compromise !! — faith presupposes works [the expression of character], as faith without works is dead – the strength of the Kingdom of God is measured in our duties to each other, not in our claims over each other; Israel [H3478 God prevails; He will rule as God, root: to prevail; have power (as a Prince); (the very Family of God)] is a *state of being* not a *state of non-being*, an impersonal entity over people; Israel is its people, freedom and security, servant government within, an ingress into God’s community, true government, justice expressed — CORE, Circle of Reliance, a circle of trust, the body of Christ NOT disembodied strangers; group consciousness !! – God’s values *embodied* – small pools of trust, still waters; these pools grow and overlap to become a lake of trust [Word of God]; diffusion and multiple identities are our defense against diffuse and multiple threats.

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