Chapter 3

WE MUST PERCEIVE ALL THINGS WITH GOD’S EYES, GOD’S DEFINITIONS – CHRIST HAS DEFINED GOD FOR US: ** GOD IS LOVE, PURE AGAPE LOVE !! ** — God is Love, giving all, taking nothing: this must be our definition also !! – “taking” what does NOT belong to you (incl., God’s Name; walking in self, in vain) is theft, a violation of God, of God’s character [10C]; this includes position/office, authority/rule, reputation, etc., SERVANT AUTHORITY IS AN AGAPE GIFT !! — corporate money is “worthless” to God [denominated in oppression], its business worth/value is predicated on, and maintained by, evil works: MAMMON — we “bear *our* sins, *our* shame” as a resultant of our actions, even if we are ignorant of them [Lev 5:17]; “we shall bear the sins” of “our idols” also [we are responsible, we are complicit] [Ezek 23:49]; WE WILL BEAR THE INDIGNATION OF THE LORD, BECAUSE OUR SINS ARE AGAINST HIM !! [Micah 7:9]; Christ will “bear our sins” if we allow Him [Heb 9:28], He will “heal” us !! – we will experience the shame of our sins, we will feel/bear the hurt [physically, spiritually, emotionally] of our actions, what we have done [being/doing] to others [** OUR RESULTANT **], and we will feel, experience the joy of our righteousness [Christ’s righteousness gifted to us]; THIS WILL ELICIT AND STRENGTHEN OUR EMPATHIC RESPONSE AS FAMILY !!


Christ took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses [Matt 8:17]; He has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows [Isa 53:4]; GOD FEELS OUR PAIN [incl., our infliction of the same] AND OUR JOY, AND SO WILL WE !! – Christ Jesus is the propitiation [atonement; expiator] of our sins, for the sins of the whole world [Lexicon G2889 kosmos] [1 John 2:2]; if we keep His Commandments, if we keep His Word, WE KNOW GOD, WE PERFECT OUR LOVE [1 John 2:3,5], THE LOVE OF GOD; we walk as Christ walked [1 John 2:6]: “For this *is* the love of God, that we keep His Commandments [GOD’S AGAPE CHARACTER, the 10C]: and His Commandments are not grievous [burdensome (opposed to self; the self-conflict)]” [1 John 5:3]; “grieve not the Holy Spirit of God” [Eph 4:30] — Mankind is physically and spiritually ill, each and every one of us; CHRIST WILL HEAL US; we will “bear our unrepented sins” but the “penalty” of those sins has and will be born by Christ: 2 Cor 5:19 “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world [CHRIST KOSMOS vs. the KOSMIC CHRIST (Christ reconciled to the world, the Inc.)] unto himself, ** not imputing their trespasses unto them ** and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation”; the “pure” word of reconciliation vs. “dialect” groups, *prejudiced* definitions/interpretations: the COG Inc. – WE ARE THE “COMMON MINISTRANTS” OF JESUS CHRIST, THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION, THE VERY FAMILY OF GOD !!

Baptism is a “betrothal” [considered married], a ** one flesh ** union with Christ; we are the Bride of Jesus Christ: ONE FLESH WITH CHRIST, HIS VERY FLESH AND BLOOD !! — “increased in riches” results in self-satisfaction, an erosion of the God-need/awareness; God-ing empathy is lessened [money becomes the false “agency” of God]; ANYTHING ABOVE OUR NEED(S) MUST BE GIFTED TO MEET THE NEED OF OTHERS: our gratitude/awareness of God will grow by our God-ing, it is the *only* way to grow in the grace/knowledge of God; anything beyond need is “greed” — do we request/demand SANCTUARY from the “systemic”, do we demand RIGHT OF GOD, SABBATH COMMUNITY free from the “complicity of evil” or do we make community “within” the systemic and reduce our complicity by slowly withdrawing ?? – slowly withdrawing is the first step, but TOTAL WITHDRAWAL must eventually be realized, accomplished; the systemic “vested interest” will NOT relinquish what it has taken, a “request of withdrawal” will NOT be considered; we must pool the resources we have [give back to God what is His] and “come together” into a *PURE* SABBATH COMMUNITY [in this world (kosmos) but not *of* this world] utilizing Christ *as* Systemic, depending on the protection of God as we gift His Rights [vs. the commodification of life] [pure Apostolic Christ-ian-ity; EKKLESIAN COMMUNITY] !! – WE BUILD A NEW WORLD BY GIFTING WHAT WE HAVE, minimizing the claim of others until the claim is negated by utility of alternative/sustainable means (ie. negative-interest community currencies): pure eco-nomy, A SOCIETY OF THE GIFT !!

The Mind of God enables us to see through and beyond the Mammon-systemic !! — mankind is to “steward” the resources of God, His resources, to supply the “needs” of humanity: the gifting of God and His blessings to all [by man in the physical and by Christ-ians in the spiritual (the God-need)] !! — war imagined and declared against our fellow-man is war imagined and declared against God !! – BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS; war is a human tragedy, it is a criminal act !! – WAR [its advocation] MUST BE QUESTIONED, IT IS NOT AN ANSWER !! — we are complicit in the “national prejudice” and the selfishness engendered, an evil selfishness considered as “right” of God: power, privilege, position and authority [God is NOT present when these are; they are NOT bestowed by God in His service]; 1 Cor 15:24 Christ will “put down” [make void; destroy] all rule and all authority and power when He returns !! — SERVANT AUTHORITY IS THE POWER OF AGAPE LOVE !!

Our icons of success are actually icons of our failure; profit means someone else has less, and is in our debt [money = debt], and WE MUST FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS !! – politico-business representation is NOT of God — look around, look around the world: the injustice, the inequity are “our” crimes, we are the cause, we are complicit !! — we have constructed an “evil” God of “tough love” to excuse the evil “we do in His Name” for the “good” of mankind, the national interest of the US/UK being that “good”, ** sharing the blessing(s) of God wrought [actuated; used; effected; performed; managed; influenced; prevailed on] by business !! ** – corporate business as concentrated ownership is a withholding NOT a sharing; private interest seen as “God-given” [God’s gifts taken; iniquity, claim seen as sanctioned, blessed by God], “gain as godliness” exemplified !! – capitalization is “organized crime” against Mankind and against God.

The COG [Church of God] must be the “leading edge” of God’s Sword, His Word; we must be sharp, a “keen” edge [a “critical” edge], able to slice through the confusion, the os-overlay [the operating systemic] of deception; this is so very essential in the “preparation” of the Gospel of Peace – WE MUST BECOME THE WORD; BEING AND DOING IN *ALL* THINGS !! – the COG Inc., is a dull, worn edge, the Body of Christ is no longer able to lift the Sword, the arm is withered; we must strengthen ourselves; the Sword is in Hand, we must pick the Sword up, clean it, polish and sharpen it, and go forth with it, TO APPLY GOD’S WORD IN LOVE !! — THE CHRIST-SYSTEMIC IS OUR ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL; business is a destructive systemic that requires imposed “cost” extrication and profit [the imposed cost on others]; MAMMON, DEBT AS LIFE, the opposite of what God is: LIBERTY AS LIFE !! — we are *saved* by Christ’s life, Christ “living” in us [Gal 2:20]: AS WE LIVE AS CHRIST, BY FAITH *OF* THE SON OF GOD, WE ARE SAVED, ** our God-ing heals us !! ** – WE ARE SAVED/HEALED BY *OUR* APPLICATION OF GOD, ** GIFTING HIS AGAPE LOVE !! **

We “destroy the works of the devil” [our purpose] by our God-ing !! – our God-ing is God’s Sword held, applied !! – God is NOT group-“personality” or use of the same: group-personality causes and excuses much evil – individuals with the “mind of God” are sovereign agape-individuals with unique gifts to share – wisdom is the application of knowledge; evil is the application of sin [lack of knowledge, ignorance of God; SELFISHNESS] — we are locked in a systemic prison; try to escape [plan; effect] and they will hunt you down; refuse to participate and they will abuse you, starve you; criticize and they will demean you, discredit you – media created “mass memory distortion” prevalent; news, talk show opinion discourse, interviews, waters muddied: shaping public view, opinion; fiction becomes fact when presented by accredited experts, even when proved false – systemic belief dissonance rejected by most [mentation surrender]; perception is fragile, relative, easily distorted — social status, position, compared to God is irrelevant and non-existent; we are what we do [I AM]: our *being* determinant !! – family and friendship are an environment, a grace, a presence of God; the 10C jurisdiction, authority of love !! – we must reject our “State” imposed national identity(-ies), the imposed prejudice, the evil existent, and assume the identity of God, of Christ; we must “put on” the new man, the robes of [Christ’s] righteousness and cast away the filthy rags – GOD’S PURE WORD IS LOVE !! – all selfish “self-identity” must be rejected in total.

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