ONE FATHER [progenitor], ONE FAMILY, ONE FLESH, ONE LOVE … !! — privilege through money, or servant through Christ: Christ-ian-ity is a re-definition of life vs. Mammon’s evil, corporate definitions, perspectives; CHANGE YOUR DEFINITION AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A NEW MIND !! – Christ is *not* Mammon: power is not money [corporate money is “worthless” to God(-ing)] – “bystander” attitudes must be changed; we must be the healers vs. business [the illness; the disease]; THE “POWER” OF GOD, OF LOVE, IS JUST THAT: “LOVE” [love moves mountains, love heals all] !! – MAMMON/BUSINESS IS THE SACRIFICE OF OTHERS, CHRIST-IAN-ITY IS THE SACRIFICE OF SELF !! – commonwealth and stewardship vs. private wealth and consumption [comfort and security at the expense (the sacrifice) of others] !! – THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS THE KINGDOM OF *LOVE*: THE RULE OF LOVE [entering a new realm; a paradigm of love] !! – WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE TO SACRIFICE OTHERS TO OURSELVES, TO DEMAND FROM THEM THEIR LIVES, GIVEN TO THEM BY GOD ?? – MAMMON IS CLAIM, OUR EXCUSE, OUR EVIL: MAMMON MAKES US IDOL(S) DEMANDING SACRIFICE, WE CLAIM “RIGHT OF GOD” INDIVIDUALLY AND AS GROUP [nation] !!