Customs, habits, rituals: why are we the way we are ?? – you cannot resist something that you are an active part of; we must be a NEW CREATION vs. the purity aspect removed – business reduces man to an animal, survival of the fittest mentality, carnality, baseness [buy, lie, sell high] – GOD IS *HOLY* BECAUSE GOD IS A GIFT OF LOVE … AS GOD IS !! – we are a product of the environment we surround ourselves with, or are surrounded by; very few resist, most just acquiesce [to agree or consent quietly without protest, but without enthusiasm (gradually conditioned; inured)]: LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY, we must withdraw !! – our “job” [work] is God-ing [agape community] vs. Mammon/business definitions [methods] as excuse [vs. the character of God (10C), our 10 character traits]: “nothing personal … it’s just business” is evil, the over-riding “evil” character of Mammon – GOD(-ing) IS THE ENHANCEMENT OF OUR HUMAN-ITY, WHAT WE WERE DESIGNED FOR … we were designed for, and to be, God Family !!