We cannot exist alone [web of life; ethnos-sphere (culture; meaning; many versions of the human story, the rituals of living connection)], we are born to be connected, to be bound together, all life long [by love]; Mammon, predicated upon taking, is negated by love [pure unselfish love]: MAMMON DEPENDS UPON OUR DISCONNECTION, OUR SELFISH INDIVIDUALISM, TO SURVIVE AND “PROFIT” !! – man will be healed by love, re-connected to each other and to God !! – LOVE [Christ; His creation] IS THE TOUCHSTONE OF GOD [ie., nature opens and reveals the depth of our nature (consideration; reverence); bio-philia (our innate love of life)] – the “instrument” of Mammon [its money] is the touchstone of evil [a psychological deficit; a mental illness]; our inner state [being] is a reflection of the world around us [eco-psychology]: WE TRULY ARE KOSMIC [kosmos], OUR PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFICIT IS PROFOUND, WE ARE DEEPLY OUT OF SACRED BALANCE; OUR RECIPROCAL BONDS HAVE BEEN BROKEN, AND/OR TORN !! [drawn from “Sacred Balance” (David Suzuki)] – we have *betrayed* ourselves [our potential] and God !!