Corporate business is the exploitation of our human-ity, of our very “being” [and doing]; we [and God] have been usurped, profit is a “proceed from crime” and the crime *is* “business” [crime(s) against humanity: war and oppression, slavery] – God will invoke forfeiture and seizure from us, *for* us: common-wealth will be instituted: corporate monies will be abolished, all claim will be terminated; MERCY AND TRUTH WILL COVER THE LAND [minds for God vs. minds for business] !! – a “society of the gift” is a society well *beyond* cooperation, it is a society of unselfish love, many “agape” communities considered as one, where well-being and enhancement of all [God’s Way] is the primary principle and consideration [in all things] !! – the “self” stands opposed to God in our “being and doing”, this is our adversary [the “adversary” personified]; everything done in service of self(-ishness) is evil [personal gain at the expense of another] – GOD IS A COMPLETE CHANGE OF MIND(-ing): PERFECT, PURE, ENCOMPASSING THOUGHT !! – we are to take care of each other: we are one in being and doing vs. monied privilege as selfish excuse [“money” replacing, opposed to, our God(-ing)], expressing our spiritual poverty [wealth creates poverty, needs poverty, *is*poverty, physically and spiritually; islands of wealth are dependent upon a sea of poverty to meet their needs and demands (our lusts and privileges are a demand on others, a taking); business (mind-ing) is a taking for “self”] !!