Christian “resistance” *is* understanding NOT a “fighting with shadows, or imaginary enemies” … we must understand NOT resist; resisting actually increases the evil; we have been fighting with shadows; we are fighting forces that are empowered by our *not* understanding their nature … the “relationship of self” with these forces, our mindset: THE POWER OF EVIL IS DECEPTION, THE POWER OF GOD IS *TRUTH* !! – OUR FALSE DEFINITIONS EXIST BY, AND DEMAND THE EVIL, AND EVIL IS THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING [a good understanding have all they who obey God’s Commandments (our being and doing: character of God); KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY IS TO *DEPART* FROM EVIL (withdrawal and expatriation); our “relationship of self” with Mammon (“love” of money: profane “friendship, association” with the world; the unequal yoke; instru-mentality)] !! – WE MUST REALIZE [and understand] THAT THE OPPRESSOR CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OPPRESSED !! – Our God is “self-existent” [Jehovah], “oppression in any form” has nothing to do with God !!