God(-ing) regards profit *as* “the other’s benefit”, NOT Mammon’s self-definition; GOD IS NOT DEFINED BY MAMMON !! – wages [giving life] based on profits [taking life] are predicated upon the sacrifice of others [who have *no* share, only scraps (vs. fellowship; bread-fellows)]; Mammon’s end-game of death [death must exceed life, to give life (to a chosen few)] !! – MAMMON BY ITS VERY NATURE TAKES LIFE, ONLY GOD IS GIVER OF LIFE !! – a CHRIST-IAN is one *in* the HOLY “name” of JESUS [my God is SALVATION] the CHRIST [the ANOINTED, the anointing (our response-ability); the HOLY SPIRIT]; EVERY THOUGHT MUST BE *OF* SALVATION [healing] *AS* THE ANOINTED OF GOD [our Being] unto RIGHTEOUSNESS [our Doing] !! – if we are part of the hurt [the disease of Mammon], then we are NOT the “healers” [of Salvation, of “Jesus”]; if our thoughts are *in* the world [“kosmos” systemic], then we are NOT acting as the Anointed [Body of “Christ”], we are grieving the *Holy* Spirit [the very mind(-ing) of God]; our “minds” must be Holy [the result of our being and doing (our conversion)]; 1 Peter 1:15-16 “But as he which hath called you is Holy, so be ye Holy in *all* manner of conversation (Lexicon G391, manner of life, conduct, behavior); Because it is written, Be ye Holy; for I am Holy.” … “as God is, so are we in the world [kosmos]” vs. Mammon’s unholy psychosis [unrighteousness], negating our response-ability !!