“A society that welcomes people of all races and social classes, that is characterized by love not polarization, that cares most for its weakest members, that stands for justice and righteousness in a world enamored with selfishness and decadence, a society in which members compete [SEEK, STRIVE] for the privilege of serving [GIFTING] one another – this is what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of God.” [Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew (1995)] — OUR PRESENT EVIL SOCIETY HAS *NO* “RIGHT TO EXIST”, IT HAS NO LEGITIMACY IN THE SIGHT OF GOD; OUR SELFISHNESS HAS NO EXCUSE !!

“In any situation of oppression, especially in those oblique, indirect, and systemic ones where injustice wears a mask of normalcy or even of necessity, the only ones who are innocent or blessed [NON-COMPLICIT] are those squeezed out [OR WITHDRAW] deliberately as human junk [AS REFUSE, REDUNDANCY TERMINATED, OR AS “CRIMINAL” APOSTATES] from the system’s own evil operations [KOSMOS].” [John Dominic Crossan, “Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography” (1994)]