The COG (Church of God) Inc., is changing [has changed; (ab)used] the Truth of God into a lie [Rom 1:25], causing their error [Amos 2:4], worshipping and serving Mammon [as master; Matt 6:24], *holding* the truth in unrighteousness [Rom 1:18]; they are deceived, the “lie in their right hand” is NOT recognized [Isa 44:20] – Mammon’s “income” as determinant, as eligibility for life, vs. “outcome” [our God-ing] as our community contribution [reciprocity], gifting the gifts of God, freely [GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF LIFE] !! — corporate media is NOT the truth of God, it is packaged information for a corporate culture, group prejudiced; it is mental [mentation] attrition [worn away], the erosion of the public mind [sand of the sea] – the COG must be God’s House of Prayer [binding and loosening], *active* [being/doing] prayer, IN CONTACT WITH GOD, APPLYING GOD [not re-defining Him], *IN* CHRIST’S NAME [in-and-of “SALVATION” (Jesus) and the “ANOINTING” (Christ)]; we are to be the healers in all aspects of life !! – GOD(-ing) IS NOT A SIDE-SHOW OR THEATRE: humility and faith [conviction], a still, small voice of love [of power]; true power [sincere belief; mind of God] is *not* enslavement [or blindness] … IT IS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY: PURE, AGAPE LOVE !!