The instrumentation and idols of wealth [gold, silver, etc., commodity] as “defined and accepted” by man, is *NOT* the enrichment envisioned by God: agape love gifted in an open, reciprocal commons [commonwealth], not selfish claim and commodification, our personal enrichment at the expense of another, even personal claim and (ab)use of God(-ing) as our justification !! – God’s gifts are to be received [to gift], not taken [to keep]; God freely gifts to all who will receive, without evil commodification and claim [without money, without price], and this is applied to *all* things: all that has been taken, will be taken back (forfeiture), to be freely given again [all to eat sufficiently, wearing durable clothing (Isa 23:18)] !! – as our spiritual illness is cured, our physical needs and health will follow [personal and social (community)]: pure truth and food [manna: Christ (Bread of Life)], everlasting robes of righteousness [durable: enduring much work and application] !! – our polluted and povertized nourishment [malnutrition], and our Mammonized business concept of built-in obsolescence [perpetual continuity of return (future not built-in); purposeful lack of durability and compatibility (past not built-in): our evil, selfish disregard of the past and of the future (as concern)] will be abolished, will cease to exist !! – GOD’S LOVE IS YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW !!