A “new” America exists, where supposed [monied] freedoms are subverted by those claiming to protect them; corporate-business as overriding concern necessitates an increasing concentration of wealth [globalization; warfare] engendering increasing violence and protection from the same – selfishness protected by greed and paranoia, the increasing power claimed as [proof of] [seeming] infallibility [the divine right of capital]: MAMMON AS TYRANT !! — tax-“payer”, share-“holder”, the rights and benefits of corporatism [to the exclusion of all else, including God]; the exercise of Mammon [business], the destructive growth of its false, private eco-nomy by profit-“taking” [NOT by profit-“giving”] vs. holistic, cooperative, community stewardship, sharing all increase as gift – the “cost” of Mammon is too great for us [and the planet (life-support)] to bear: WE ARE TAKING, MURDERING LIFE [the death of God(-ing)] !! – MAMMON IS ENSLAVEMENT AND MURDER [physically and spiritually]: ITS CHAIN(S) AND WEAPON OF CHOICE IS ITS MONEY [debt and force; “funding” life equated as giving life] !!