Mammon [the “mind” of money] PREVENTS MOST GOD-ING [its “charity” does not fit the definition of God; filthy water does not clean our robes] !! – our selfish “definitions” [taking for self] do NOT give us “right of God”, they are the purposeful negation of God(-ing), our evil defined clearly and distinctly before our God, WE WILL HAVE TO GIVE ANSWER TO HIM !! – MAMMON IS THE THEFT OF CHRIST-IAN RIGHT AND OPPORTUNITY TO GIFT !! – God(-ing) is outside of self [the others profit and well-being; EXPRESSION], Mammon is inside of self [POSSESSION (even of God); self-fulfillment] – self-designation [and claim] negates itself [“by their works you shall know them”], claimed “being” is nothing [faith without works is dead]; if our works are Mammon, then we are Mammon [the unrighteous claim of righteousness] !! – Mammon IS “CLAIM OF SELF” IN ALL THINGS, ELIJAH [our choice of God(-ing) (vs. Baal/ Mammon)] WILL *RESTORE* ALL THINGS !!