Mammon is the means and excuse of evil [individual and systemic]; you do not own or possess Mammon, Mammon owns and possesses you … Mammon is cumulative, it requires our participation, MAMMON NEEDS US !! – the roots and tentacles of Mammon run deep and spread wide, yet Mammon is regarded as innocuous [harmless when governed], but its injury and harm is defined all around us [the banality of evil; Mammon governs us]; it is the ocean [the sea] we are enveloped in, the unquestioned paradigm, our ultimate truth and reality [and created as such]: MAMMON IS INIMICAL [in opposition; adverse; hostile] TO GOD(-ing) !! – Mammon is “service to the economy” [growth at any cost, regardless; Mammon requires, demands sacrifice from us]; God(-ing) is “eco-nomy in the service of community” in love [God has sacrificed for us] !! — an indentured master/slave relationship is NOT the relationship of God, it is abrogation of God [Being: equity, love; Doing: righteousness, wisdom]; we must remove the corporate for an “organic”, true definition !! – GOD IS A POSSIBILITY vs. THE OPPRESSING MIND OF MAMMON [the spirit of money]; full light vs. the darkness; agape love reveals God and makes God(-ing) possible !!