We must achieve excellence of character [10C], mind and ability to gift the other: the gift of equity by “gift of self” – WE *ARE* EACH OTHER !! – our emotional turmoil is shared by all, we are all affected; the corporate oppression and use of its engendered selfishness is “equity” of the lowest common denominator, and Mammon thrives by its embrace: slavery called freedom !! – THE “HIGH CALLING OF GOD” IS *EQUITY* OF THE HIGHEST ORDER: THE HOLY CHARACTER OF GOD THE FATHER HIMSELF, AND OF OUR CHRIST [our anointing as body of] … AS HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD: SAVIORS [healers] !! – WE *ARE* THE PRAYER, THE SACRED EXPRESSION, RE-COGNITION [being as prayer] OF LIFE [of God], SEEKING GOD’S WILL *FOR* US, BY US !!