All of us have lessons to learn from time to time; we all slip, but God has given us repentance: we are privileged to “remorse” in understanding, to ask forgiveness and continue in learning and overcoming; sometimes we seemingly need a reminder of our fallibility [non-intentional; caught in the moment] to keep us humble “in our need of God” !! – we have to be, must be, re-invented to continue the journey: the journey changes us, we do not change the journey [the course; the way]; we have been “brain-washed” by the sewer water of this world: the filth of its corrupt and compromised society, its arrogant self-absorption, its “sanitized” corporate media, its selfish termination of redundancy [what it considers unnecessary, dismissed, excess, overabundant, even humans considered so] – WE MUST DECONSTRUCT THE MAMMON !!