Business is the conversion of “God’s wealth” into selfish Mammon; the appropriation of God’s “name” ADONAI by an act of theft [worship in vain] !! – “wealth authority” must be challenged, made worthless, “infinite greed” must be replaced by “eternal agape love(-ing)” of-and-by our God(-ing) !! – Mammon undermines our knowledge, understanding and wisdom; Christ-ian-ity is a WAY OF LIFE that does NOT include and/or utilize Mammon [politics/nations, war/media, capitalization/corporate form and its money, consumerism variants and support, pollution/waste, private interest/wealth, etc.], in-short, the way of life we know today, this evil kosmos made in the “image and likeness” of Mammon [the devil’s character: the “Faith of the Fallen”] – MAMMON/BUSINESS IS UNHOLY !!