Extrication from a systemic, a way of life that is globally defined, is only possible by-and-through Christ !! – Mammon wears a velvet glove over an iron fist !! – our [individual and social-group] self-perception is out-of-step with Christ’s; God’s Word discloses that we are mostly acting out of self-interest, that our “definition” is of Mammon !! – we are immersed in the paradigm, the mind-set, the use [corporate excuse] of freedom, democracy, constitution [human/social rights], etc., the prejudiced [legal] terms of Mammon [mimicking God]; God is “equity for all”, righteous and pure agape love covering all of human-kind [one family], NOT prejudiced, selfish Nation-States claiming and taking “in the name” and “in the service” of Mammon !! – our Nations are Mammon’s lesser-gods adept at mimicry of Messiah; they are prejudiced claim, demand, and (ab)use of a Mammonized god(-ing) !! – our citizenship [Israel] must be “wholly conformed” to the Gospel: this precludes our national identities, our complicity in Mammon, our prejudiced “citizen” claim/benefit !! – our “essential being” [our intrinsic (inherent), fundamental nature; our very inner being, our inward nature] must be of God, not the Adversary !!