The most powerful entity “in this world” today is a Christ-ian “being” [applying God (the doing)]; AS GOD *IS* SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD [kosmos] !! – THIS IS OUR MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION, everything that we are and do *is* our ministry; our existence is *of* our God: Mammon or Messiah – if we repent [of unrighteous Mammon; sin (our lack of God) washed away, our “being” cleansed in the blood of Christ, our “doing” forgiven] and willingly receive the “anointing”, then we are of Messiah [dead to the world, alive in Christ]; returning again to Mammon is equated to our “second death” [alive again in the world, becoming dead to Christ; faith without works (to believe in and on Christ: our being and doing) is dead; the wages of sin is death], necessitating the washing [in the blood of Christ] of our “filthy” robes [of unrighteousness] !! – Mammon and Messiah are two divergent “ways of being” [and “means of existence”] – WE MUST CHOOSE !! — the corporate “form” is Mammon; the “Mark of the Beast” [systemic] is Mammon [being (forehead) and doing (hand); the buying and selling of life (of God)]; the “Laodicean” spiritual condition is Mammon !! – “self” is *enabled* by Mammon: all unrighteousness and wickedness are *of* Mammon [kosmos: evil works] !! – ** MAMMON IS DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO MESSIAH !! **