We must preserve our future, we are the stewards, the keepers of it !! – when the Truth of God replaces the error in our heart and mind, then we will understand and give regard [our shame will cover us at that moment (instead of the Glory of God), we will be consumed by it: but God is Mercy as-well-as Truth], the Flame of Truth will light the Way of God !! – our Mammonized denial of brotherhood, of unselfish love, IS A DENIAL OF THE VERY BEING OF ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF AND OF CHRIST !! – if we are “defined” by Mammon, then we are NOT *of* Christ, we cannot serve [obey and worship; re: Elijah (Baal or God)] two “masters” [the mastery of Mammon is very apparent in this, *our* world (kosmos)] !! – when our desire [our unselfish love] for another becomes hurtful to [in the sense of liberty or emotion], or impedes, that very same person, then we must withdraw [as gift]; desire must not turn into lust [taking], it must become friendship: this applies to all persons, things, and situations, physically and spiritually !! – LOVE [as Being] *IS* GOD(-ing) !! – Love as Being and Doing *is* enhancement of the other, a reciprocal relationship, where much is given and received, but where nothing is taken !! – who and what we are must be a gift(-ing), a sharing with others, a celebration [open convivium] of life, of God: AN ENRICHMENT OF EACH OTHER !!