An impartial witness(-ing) is *not* possible with a “dollar” in your pocket [held] or hand [used; instrument], no matter the source of funding !! – we either wield the Sword of God or the devils weapon(-ization) of [corporate] money; we either partake of the life-blood of Christ [liberty and truth], or the devil’s blood of oppression [slavery and the error of claim] !! — we must eventually become (through the Conversion process: growing in “grace and knowledge”; to the best of our situational ability) the strangers [without citizenship (complicity)] and sojourners [pilgrims] that a Christ-ian *is* [in *true* definition] within man’s world [kosmos] !! – WE ARE *OF* CHRIST(-systemic), NOTHING ELSE, NO EXCEPTIONS !! – AS HE IS, SO ARE WE *IN* “THIS” WORLD [kosmos] [1 John 4:17; *PERFECT* LOVE (to fulfill; complete; maturity)] !! – the systemic has-and-will *deny* Christ, will deny our very Christ-ian-ity; we must remember GOD’S LAWS [of love] SUPERCEDE MAN’S [monied] LAWS [enforced selfishness, claim] !! – ** OUR ANCIENT FUTURE BEGINS NOW [now is the day; Salvation] !! ** – Lexicon H3072 Jehovah-Tsidkenu “Jehovah (is) our right” [root H6664 ** the right ** (natural, moral or legal); also equity or (fig.) prosperity; – even, (that which is altogether) just(-ice), right(-eous); righteousness, deliverance; root H6663 to be just; to have a just cause, be in the right; bring justice; to be justified; vindicate the cause of; save; to be (causatively make) right (in a moral sense); cleanse, clear self; (be, turn to) righteous(-ness)] !!