The “possession” of lust, emptying out; the conflict [war] of vested interests !! – the past and current increase of the military foot-print in Iraq and now Afghanistan [a bigger boot needed], with extended deployment(s), necessary for the continuing conflict [of occupation]; the US/UK were/are unprepared for the civil unrest, lawlessness, engendered by the war; civilian casualties, extreme hardships continue – the “lacking”, the unpreparedness for “peace” is a war crime in-of-itself and belies the true reason(s) of this conflict: oil and the maintenance of the Mammon-systemic; if “liberation” and “democracy” were the actual impetus [for the war], immediate follow-up and implementation [plans] would have been present: they were/are NOT, nor will they be; creating a favorable “business” environment [a *compliant* regime] is the definition being imposed [by whatever means necessary] – the engendered tribal and religious conflicts released will not be controlled by secular business self-interest(s) under the heavy hand and boot of the US/UK [their systemic globalization] !! – conflicting “claim” will continue and deepen the horror; there are *NO* good guys here [complicity], this is a “corporate” war where “might is right” and benefactor claim takes precedence !!