The open “hand of the Lord” is the Spirit of God [Ezek 1:3, 3:14]; we are [*as* Christ] applying [wisdoming] the Spirit vs. the “unseen hand” of Mammon [guiding, forcing, taking (giving); a closed fist] !! — perspective, definition, mediation, reconciliation [Apostle Paul]; understand, listen to another’s perspective, give/apply God’s definitions, mediate God [reasoning together; dialogue NOT imposition (of perspective); change the definition, change the perspective], ministry of reconciliation !! – we are here *as* Christ-ians to change history, to make it His-story, the Christ narrative, author-ity !! – God *is* the “command code”, the design optimum, we must enable it [Him] !! — the death of God(-ing), at the hand of His creation [the created] continues unabated; prejudiced, usurpative claim [of God] is the common enemy of all !! – we must live in the world [kosmos] as it should be, to show it what it can be; true sacrifice is not what we surrender, it is ultimately what we gain !! – benefiting from the evil, makes us part of the evil, ethics and morality must be realized – buying and selling “claim” is a denial of God, and of our God-ing !! – God sees us all *as* human-beings, without any prejudiced labels [no more, no less; *equity*], and so must we !! – are we sacrificing this present world [our participation in the “kosmos”, its gain] for a future that will never come ?? – our “faith” in Christ and the coming Kingdom of God must be strong !!