Every human-being is a representation of God, in the physical [image and likeness], soon to be the spiritual; the Holy Spirit is the impregnating agency [the very Mind of God Himself (God’s very Being and Doing)], beginning the conversion process !! – once again, God and His Gospel, His way of Life is diametrically opposed to the world’s way [kosmos], its adversarial, evil nature [business as means]; AS CHRIST-IANS WE ARE CALLED OUT OF THIS WORLD, TO BE WHOLLY CONFORMED TO THE GOSPEL, IN ALL THINGS [being and doing: “complete” withdrawal, expatriation, non-complicity]; the Community of God is to DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL !! – the Adversary is personified in business and its corporate monies [its “nature” of being and doing; emotional quotient: fear], its systemic claim, the taking of, the possession of, God-given life; LOVE [vs. lust] WILL DESTROY THE CLAIM, THE SYSTEM [kosmos; the works]; WE MUST *BE* THE LOVE !!