When we “use” the weapon, we “become” the weapon [utilization of an evil instrumentality (instrument); causation/effect]; WE *ARE* THE EVIL !! – our social “novel” [our kosmic fiction; our story] is being written in blood, its author-ity is NOT *of* God [God is NOT the author of confusion]; WE MUST BE WRITTEN INTO THE “BOOK OF LIFE” !! — our “level” of comprehension must be deepened to new heights vs. selfish irresponsibility, surface interpretation(s) “denigrating” [to disparage (to lower in esteem; discredit; belittle; show disrespect for) the character of; defame] life itself [God Himself (COG Inc., “denigrator” of God)] !! – WE ARE ALL COMPLICIT IN THE SYSTEMIC DENIGRATION OF OUR GOD(-ing), OF OUR VERY SELF [yet, we remain inured (habituated)] !!

We do *not* want to see, nor we do want to know, each other or our very self(-ishness) !! – GOD WILL GIVE US BACK OUR LIVES IF WE LET HIM !! — selfish (mis)use of another’s hope and dream of God, of expectations [that remain unfulfilled]; Isa 23:18 [cf., JFB], Isa 24-27 vs. the COG Inc. !! – COG [Inc.] rejection of God due to an instilled “fear” of God, claimed [and imposed] by the self-ordained [the anti-anointed] for selfish gain and position/reputation [increased in riches; purloining the Gospel; image/mark of the Beast (systemic) vs. REVELATION] !!- the Body of Christ is *dying* at this time; a few will be barely “saved alive” [scarcely saved]; it seems that Christ will find little faith when He returns !! – our “second” death, necessitating Christ’s return [to breathe life into us], is our collective shame; we should be *prepared* for the timely return of Christ, a vibrant, living body of faith, NOT a sinful, dead [lifeless] body of iniquity [the COG Inc.] !! – the “covering” cast over-and-upon the world [kosmos], and the COG [Inc.], is suffocating the life out of us [its weight of oppression; *complete* systemic envelopment] !!