JEHOVAH: Lexicon H3068 the *existent* One; H1961 to be, become; happen; “I AM”, THAT I AM [I AM what I shall become] … GOD IS, WHAT WE ARE … WHAT YOU ARE, I AM, WHAT I AM, YOU SHALL BE … the GOD FAMILY, we become God, God becomes us: we *determine* our God(-ing) at this time, the *existent* ONE [LOVE] !! – WE ARE THE CO-CREATORS OF “JEHOVAH” [Christ the “first-born” of many brethren/sisters, the beginning (G746 arche) of the “creation of God” (Theos) (ingenerate, sense 1; created in Christ Jesus), INTO THE *ONE* ETERNAL GOD (ingenerate, sense 2)] [“ingenerate” sense 1 adj. (innate; inborn) -ated, -ating vt. (to produce or create within; engender); sense 2 adj. (not generated or produced, but originating and existing in itself); Jehovah] — the only hope for the world is God’s Anointed(-ing) [Christ-ian] !! – “His Name’s Sake” must be our primary consideration, it has become our response-ability, GOD’S NAMES ARE OUR NAMES [characteristics] !! – JEHOVAH *IS* RIGHT OF EXISTENCE; CHRIST-IAN COMMUNITY-SANCTUARY, FAMILY !! — life should NOT be a fixed game that plays you !! – we must reduce and finally eliminate our complicity with the Systemic; we eventually must refuse to even “touch” its corporate monies [its instrumentality of evil]; WE MUST EXIST IN SANCTUARY, AS RIGHT OF GOD, FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE [and ours] !! – man’s “value” [debt and oppression (limiting life)] vs. God’s value [gifting; unlimited life]; WE MUST SACRIFICE THE CORPORATE IDOL [its monies]; we must release its [systemic] hold on/over us !! – OUR EXISTENCE MUST *EXEMPLIFY* OUR GOD [WE ARE ONE] !!