WE MUST “TRANSFER” GOD [with God; His Spirit] INTO OUR BEING AND THEN INTO OUR DOING [*as* God is: CHRIST-IAN(-ITY)] !! – Christ-ian [BEING], our Christ-ian-ity [DOING] – when everything is claimed, organized and built around privilege, our God(-ing) is negated !! – we either take the name of the idol [consciousness of the idol; the whore’s forehead; the national identity/citizenship, the mark of the beast systemic] or we take God’s Name(s) [God’s Mind and Consciousness] as sojourners in, and strangers of, this evil world [kosmos], our citizenship wholly conformed to the Gospel – we must de-leaven ourselves [as much as possible] and become sincerity and truth, as the very Ministry of Jesus Christ, *our* Ministry of Reconciliation [God-ing] — our artificial “bright lights” are blocking out the light of the Universe; WE MUST DIM THE ARTIFICIAL TO SEE GOD !! – we must “prepare” ourselves, we must prepare the Gospel [we become/are the Word], we must “trim our wicks” [our way(s); lamp, oil, flame: light produced], WE MUST LIGHT THE WAY OUT OF THE ENVELOPING DARKNESS, THE COVERING OVER/UPON MANKIND: *REVELATION* !!