Instilling fear, inflicting harm; those who climb over, up and on [upon] others, will have to face those “others” on the way down [hierarchy levelled; rule de-leavened] – “life” commodified [monied], weaponized and used for *privilege* of the few, [the wasting of humanity and our God(-ing): GOD IS LIFE] is the basis of the ADVERSARIAL COVENANT [all made merchandise; claim/price] – CORPORATE MONEY IS IDOL [systemic] CLAIM OVER GOD [Adonai], IT IS AN EVIL INSTRUMENT(-ation), IT IS A *WEAPON* OF WAR, NOT OF PEACEMAKING [of God(-ing)] !! – each and every Human Being has right *of* God and right *to* God [GOD *IS* EXISTENCE], yet, WE DENY GOD EVERY MOMENT OF OUR SELFISH LIVES [to ourselves and to others], WE BECOME DEATH [sin] NOT LIFE, WE DENY OUR EXISTENCE BY OUR CLAIM(S) !!

God’s miracles happen when you are *in touch* with the miraculous [the vision and application of God]; COG: GOD’S HOUSE OF PRAYER !! – trying to get through this life with a good heart is ensured with God at your side, and you at His [by, through, and as, Christ(-systemic)] !! – WHAT IS THE “SPIRIT” OF THE [OUR] *MUSIC* [psalms; *persona* art(-ist)] ?? – Being *in* Love, in God: ARE WE *IN* LOVE OR HATE, OR JUST NUMB ?? – IF WE ARE *IN* LOVE, THEN WE ARE *IN* GOD: LOVE *IS* THE MIRACLE OF GOD; IF WE PERFORM LOVE [the work of God: BELIEVE], THEN WE PERFORM MIRACLES !! – our conversion as a *child* of God is a process of discovery [of love] !!