The mythological imagery of demonology vs. the actual image: we are the disguise the devil wears; “business” *is* the face of evil, the merchandising of humanity, the commodification of life; the iniquitous image and likeness that took a third of the Angels, spreading even unto Heaven, in an attempt to commodify, to claim, even God and His creating agency, AN ADVERSARIAL NATURE OPPOSED TO GOD(-ing) !! — man does not look, because he does not want to see, he does not want to know !! – self-involvement [self, group, nation, etc.] does NOT include God !! – the sociology of evil [encompassing a vast range of social phenomena (and ontology: the nature of being, reality), and cultural relativism], and our [seeming] indifference to it, and the banality of it, MUST BE EXAMINED AND UNDERSTOOD !! – we *are* the darkness, we must *become* the light !! – WE MUST ANNOUNCE LIFE vs. OUR MUTUAL SLAUGHTER !!