All “love” comes from God; we must recognize this – our personalities, our preferences color/flavor love [we prejudice love, we prejudice God]; WE MUST BE OPEN TO RECEIVE LOVE FROM ALL WHO ARE WILLING TO GIFT IT !! – love is NOT selfish, either in the giving or in the receiving – love has no claim, nor can it be claimed: LOVE IS A RECIPROCAL GIFT(-ing), LOVE *IS* LIFE !! – WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO MISUSE LOVE, IN OUR LUST !! – the 10C of love [character; being and doing] vs. our group images; our response-ability *is* love !! – ** WE ARE PRIESTS OF LOVE !! ** – OUR MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION IS ONLY OF-AND-BY GOD’S LOVE !! — if your truth contains selfishness and/or claim, then it is a lie !! – our lawless (10C) society(-ies) is/are a lie; anonymous evil masked as truth !! – we must pull out the threads of error [cloak of deception], others will begin to unravel, our filthy rags will fall away !! — our symbiotic relationship with God begins our healing, our “Christ-ian community”, in symbiosis with the world, heals the world !! – our SYSTEMIC-BEING must be *of* God: WE HAVE MADE GOD IN THE DEVILS IMAGE [what you are, I AM, what I AM, you shall be]; WE *ARE* EACH OTHER !! – GOD IS MARRED [to hinder; spoil; to offend; make imperfect; impair; disfigure; spotted (blemished); injured; neglected] BY OUR BEING AND DOING [God *is* perfect/pure love, NOT an image made by selfish man] !!