The behavior of our society(-ies), of ourselves, is CRIMINAL INSANITY; all is claimed in “support” of our behavior, even God !! – God does NOT see, nor regard, our national identities, our systemic claims over each other; GOD SEES US *ALL* AS HUMAN BEINGS, MEMBERS [considered as] OF HIS VERY FAMILY !! — those “begotten” NOW, must be *as* God NOW, amongst their unbegotten brothers and sisters, showing the Way of God, Christ’s very “flesh and blood”, His Ministry !! — the laws of money and its lessons of life vs. the Law of God teaching us the lessons of Life [God]: WE MUST STAY “ALIVE” [SAVED], WE MUST *KEEP* “LIFE” !! — for His “name’s sake” God will correct us; GOD *IS*, WHAT WE ARE [I AM] !! – The Word became flesh: God became us *as* Christ [and we become Christ, His “flesh and blood”; we become the Word (the Gospel)], ONE WITH US, AND IN US, AND WE WITH, AND IN, THEM [the Father, and Christ]; WE *ARE* EACH OTHER, WE ARE ONE [FAMILY; NAME]; ** ONE LOVE ** !! – God’s House of Prayer: we walk and talk, we ask, *in* Christ’s Name — at this time we “determine” God, our Being and Doing determines God’s Name [His characteristics]: WE ARE THE GOD(-ing) DETERMINANT !! – GOD *IS* RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP [family relationship; *pure* agape love], yet we are NOT pure, but spotted, mixed [kosmos; selfishness], as a determiner !!