If our ideas/ideology comes between any of us as “beings” or excludes any, then we are a “false, partial, selfish witness” !! — our IGNORANCE of ourselves is astounding, our SELFISHNESS is the result; we take and expect to be given more; INSTITUTIONALIZED IGNORANCE AND SELFISHNESS IS OUR EVIL, OUR CONTINUING LEGACY: THE IGNOBLE ENSLAVEMENT OF OURSELVES !! – our ignominy [disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable quality, behavior or act; ignominious (degrading, humiliating)], and chosen ignorance [the condition or quality of *being* ignorant (lack of knowledge; experience of God)] continues unabated [my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (our chosen ignorance and unawareness), the love (agape) of God rejected], even lauded as pinnacle of achievement [of character; business “success”] — we are destroying our future: WE MUST REBUILD OUR FUTURE BY REBUILDING OUR HEARTS AND MINDS !! – we are *from* God, and we will return to Him [God has promised us] !! — the “privilege of ignorance” [being served] vs. the privilege of God [serving (as) being]; our “being determinant” is corporate monies NOT our God(-ing) !! – God’s Law(s) is/are a violation of man’s selfish laws [of money] !! – MAN STANDS IN VIOLATION OF GOD, IN VIOLATION EVEN OF HIMSELF !! – human-“kind” seems to have no meaning for the means of our society; our mean-ing, the application of our means, is selfish, evil to the extreme: the commodification of life !!