The Religion [re-binding] Industry, manufacturing God in the image of man, reconciled to the world; WE MUST GIVE UP *OUR* RELIGION TO FIND GOD (pure religion and undefiled)]; unholy “marauders of the mind”, destroyers of men’s souls [of God(-ing)] !! – “Systemic” roots go deep, they are hard to pull up, to root out !! – man chose his own fate [man as determinant], he rejected God, and still does [incl., those begotten]; THE GOD FAMILY [most after correction; their filthy robes washed] WILL SOON STEP IN AND SAVE MAN FROM HIMSELF !! – *every* human being [from conception] is “qualified” for life [love your neighbor as yourself; consider one another] vs. money qualification [= sin; able to buy], respect of persons [monied favoritism]; money governs us [monied governance] vs. the agape Kingdom of God !! – those who would claim God and sell Him [life commodified], active agents of the Systemic need deep repentance [this is all of us (complicity)].