“Making” money vs. making *persons* by gifting: our acknowledgement, our love of the other !! – our constant shedding of [life-] blood [real and figuratively], of the other [and of ourselves], is a DENIAL OF CHRIST, who shed His Blood, as GIFT, once-and-for-all [for *all*]; building Jerusalem by blood of oppression or by the Blood of Christ [shed in agape love] !! – we are human-(non)beings: we de-humanize each other for profit, for selfish gain [position; reputation; power; etc.] !! — Christ is NOT, nor will He be, a SAVAGE MESSIAH, reflecting *our* image !! – God is NOT sanction for our [imposed] selfishness, in any form or application !! – where self is imposed, God is deposed; we are to minister (our)self(-selves), our gifts together [humility].