God is NOT claimed by anyone, or any group: GOD IS NOT CLAIM, GOD IS A GIFT !! – a Christ-ian is also a gift [Christ-ian-ity], a God-ing, NOT a claim: GOD’S FAMILY IS A GIFT, ** AN ETERNAL GIFT-ING !! ** — our security/peace is in fulfilling the other’s need(s), in our God-ing [Proverbs 16:7 When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him]; WHEN WE GIFT GOD’S GIFTS, WE GIFT GOD [as healers; peacemakers] !! — the gift of being “loved” is a blessing, a response-ability to return the gift [the power of the love given enables its return; THE GOD RESPONSE]; UNSELFISH LOVE ALWAYS RETURNS TO THE SENDER !! – TO LIVE [** TO BE ALIVE **] IS TO GIFT !! — we have assumed an alternative identity to avoid “intolerable conflict”, an adolescent state to avoid making decisions; we are considered children by the systemic, and we act the part: others represent us, make our decisions, are deemed responsible – WE *ARE* THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT IS DONE IN OUR STEAD, “IN OUR NAME(S)”, WHAT IS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN !!