The more money-wealth grows, the more all else dies !! – most do NOT want to know, they don’t see the problem(s) [we see what we know]; if we know God, we will see through-and-by the Word of God [eyes as “flames of fire”] !! – WHAT *MIND* ARE WE, WHO OR WHAT IS “MIND-ING” US ?? – the “displacement” of God by our idols, our icons, whom we dedicate to Him !! – the corporate/business community of self-interest must be withdrawn from; predication upon “evil works” is NOT the Way of God !! – violence in any form is NOT a solution [to anything]; *weak* minds resort to violence: VIOLENCE AND WAR ARE ACTS OF WEAKNESS !! – ** WAR MAKES VICTIMS OF US ALL: THE DEATH OF ONE IS THE DIMINISHMENT OF ALL !! ** — each and every one of us is the “disguise” the devil wears !! — “security” [of homeland] without addressing the root causes of the conflict, the terrorism, does NOT exist: the root cause being “corporate” [US/UK] foreign policy !! – ascribing evil to God [ie., group identity], and/or committing evil in the Name of God [ie., idol, systemic war; US/AMERICA AS INSTRUMENT OF GOD; PRESIDENT CHOSEN BY GOD] are monstrous SINS and CRIMES *AGAINST* GOD, a complete lack of knowledge about-and-of God(-ing) !!