An economy predicated upon endless consumption, where the other fellows well-being is dependent on another’s irresponsibility [vs. stewardship] *to* him [reciprocal evil as reward], is insanity and cannot be maintained without [corporate] slavery; a consumer society can only include a small percentage of human-kind: infinite growth predicated upon finite resources is insane, an impossibility and requires the use of force to secure the increasingly scarce resources [CONSUMPTION IS A DISEASE]; mercenary [national] armed-forces in the service of the corporate is a crime against humanity [OUR ADVERSARIAL COVENANT “termed” peace, democracy, liberation] – the death of [our] human-ity to support and maintain an evil, idol systemic is a “crime against God” !! — most social “voices” just parrot the loud corporate-media voice; God is “a still, small voice” that necessitates *pause* to hear, a “Sabbath of time” to comprehend – “peace protest” utilizing confrontation and violence is a contradiction in ideology: PEACE/GOD IS NOT ADVERSARIAL [of the adversary (opposed to God)] !! – our only weapon is our refusal [our “wisdoming” the Word of God] to participate: WITHDRAWAL FROM THE CORPORATE IN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES [the corporate definition: the MARK vs. our Being (Moses), our Doing (Elijah)] !!