Corporate business is predatory, and WAR [*adversarial* claim] is its agency: BUSINESS *IS* WARFARE !! — God is celebration, “soul discovery”, expansion of life and peace, NOT suicide, ecocide, deicide: THE ATTEMPTED DESTRUCTION OF GOD(-ing) AND HIS/OUR CREATION !! – all forms of conflict is conflict against God(-ing) !! – LIFE IN THE MIDST OF GOD and GOD IN THE MIDST OF LIFE: to destroy life is to destroy God !! — ** WAR IS CLAIM AGAINST GOD ** [domination NOT dominion (stewardship)] – God has taken responsibility for us, our decision(s) [our death], by-and-through Jesus Christ – COSMOLOGY [Book of Job], the experience of AWE, GOD FAMILY !! — the US/UK are deeply entrenched in war [denial of family, of God]: those who were gifted with so much [to give], taking more, claiming all [future war] !! – sanitized “collateral damage” is NOT “innocent loss of life”, the unavoidable war-death of [innocent] civilians is a crime [collateral damage = sacrificial deaths (idolatry)] and reason enough to avoid/stop conflict; ** WAR IS AN ATROCITY, IT IS *NOT* “SACRED” TERROR AND VENGEANCE AGAINST GOD’S ENEMIES: WAR IS *NOT* HOLY !! ** – Deut. 32 “To me belongeth vengeance and recompense”, Nahum 1 “The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries” [GOD’S JUSTICE OF LOVE]; those who conduct war [no matter the excuse] are the adversaries of God !!