Christ-ian [KNOWLEDGE, Faith of Christ]; Christ-ian-ity [application of Christ; WISDOM(-ing), the Word of God]: DOES CHRIST-IAN-ITY EXIST IN THIS WORLD [kosmos] ?? – many claim, believe in Christ, but have NOT the knowledge of God, nor Faith *of* Christ [Hosea 4:6 “*My* people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (of *the* knowledge -Barnes Comm.)” … knowledge *rejected* (wilful ignorance)]; REJECTION OF KNOWLEDGE MEANS NO APPLICATION OF THE SAME: THE WISDOM !! – WE ARE REJECTING OUR GOD(-ing) [1 Sam 2:3, for the LORD is a ** God of knowledge **, and by Him actions are weighed] !! – we are too busy making money [war currency], to make peace: Mammon has taken precedence !! – WAR IS *NOT* HEALING NOR STABILITY OF TIMES [Isa 33:6, wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and *strength* of salvation] — OUR WORLD IS SELF-DEFINED; TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND !!