The evil “knows” us, but we do NOT know it; the lies are so real, so seemingly truthful, so convincing !! – the evil is playing with us; we cannot cry the soul out of us, and we will cry [our soul makes it so] – words mean nothing coming out of the mouths of those with no meaning; empty words from empty beings [lusted out] !! — don’t have/know God, look to men !! – IF WE LOOK TO MEN, WE DO *NOT* HAVE GOD !! – loss of faith: misunderstanding, frustration, impatience etc., leads to substitution, self-gratification; WE HAVE TO *BELIEVE* GOD, WE MUST KEEP AND TRUST GOD !! — NATIONALISM [a “mental weakness” that is easily exploited, the “identity” sought; military force, threat of war to enforce sovereignty (the claim)] IS MANKIND FAILING HIMSELF, FAILING GOD !! – SOVEREIGNTY IS GUARANTEED BY GIFTING THE OTHER [not taking for self], BY OUR *GOD-ING* !! – BLOOD-LETTING [war] AS CURATIVE [of disease] IS FALSE; ONLY GOD CAN HEAL [eradication of the disease: SALVATION AND PEACE] !! – any religious “definition” that supports power, rule, hierarchy, privilege, reputation, gender claim, etc., [vs. unleavened bread; pure equity] is NOT of God, whatever the “form” of Faith; again, GOD IS *NOT* CLAIM [of any sort], GOD IS *NOT* RIGID, “DICTATED” CONCLUSIONS !!