The Mind of God enables us to see through and beyond the Mammon-systemic !! — mankind is to “steward” the resources of God, His resources, to supply the “needs” of humanity: the gifting of God and His blessings to all [by man in the physical and by Christ-ians in the spiritual (the God-need)] !! — war imagined and declared against our fellow-man is war imagined and declared against God !! – BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS; war is a human tragedy, it is a criminal act !! – WAR [its advocation] MUST BE QUESTIONED, IT IS NOT AN ANSWER !! — we are complicit in the “national prejudice” and the selfishness engendered, an evil selfishness considered as “right” of God: power, privilege, position and authority [God is NOT present when these are; they are NOT bestowed by God in His service]; 1 Cor 15:24 Christ will “put down” [make void; destroy] all rule and all authority and power when He returns !! — SERVANT AUTHORITY IS THE POWER OF AGAPE LOVE !!