Our icons of success are actually icons of our failure; profit means someone else has less, and is in our debt [money = debt], and WE MUST FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS !! – politico-business representation is NOT of God — look around, look around the world: the injustice, the inequity are “our” crimes, we are the cause, we are complicit !! — we have constructed an “evil” God of “tough love” to excuse the evil “we do in His Name” for the “good” of mankind, the national interest of the US/UK being that “good”, ** sharing the blessing(s) of God wrought [actuated; used; effected; performed; managed; influenced; prevailed on] by business !! ** – corporate business as concentrated ownership is a withholding NOT a sharing; private interest seen as “God-given” [God’s gifts taken; iniquity, claim seen as sanctioned, blessed by God], “gain as godliness” exemplified !! – capitalization is “organized crime” against Mankind and against God.