For many, excess is never enough — we are responsible for “our” national crimes, done in “our” name(s), the nation’s business, its evil, its demands: a re-evaluation is needed !! – the Gospel is DISCLOSURE, systemic disclosure: GOD IS A WAY OF LIFE, GOD *IS* LIFE [THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS (WAYS OF LIFE) BEFORE ME], LOVE, not systemic lust, claim – money is not the cure, it is the disease — the current of time/event flow, the situational systemic current, the raging waves [foaming shame], the undertow, must be fought against, calm water must be reached for extrication/ withdrawal – our systemic definition must be of God not the devil !! – WE ARE THE GOD-AGENCY IN THIS KOSMOS, THIS PHYSICAL WORLD, WE ARE THE ** HOUSE OF PRAYER ** [awareness and supplication], THE SPIRITUAL INJECTION [application], THE VERY ** ARM OF THE LORD ** DIRECTING THE HAND OF GOD (God’s Spirit) !! – God’s presence provides the healing – humility is accepting God’s “gifts” as gifts to be gifted, not taken and claimed – LIFE IS GIFTING, DEATH IS TAKING !! – the erosion of God by the constant barrage [the sea], the waves, the storms, the seeming splendor of evil, the pull [lack of awareness; misuse] of lust … the immersion, the drowning — the “proof” of Christ is in each of us, look there … – intrusive, psychological fracturing, the disposal, the demise of our common human-ity !! – MOST OF US ARE TOO EMPTY TO GIVE !! – OUR EMPTINESS IMPELS US TO TAKE !!