The collective [God] embrace vs. usurpative private claim; stewardship eco-nomics vs. corporate economics, private profit as primary consideration; God-professed vs. the self-professed, the vested monied interest(s), claim — the systemic “medium” must be withdrawn from: its instrumentality and layers of cost claimed and demanded, its use of corporate money as measurement of worth for life, its COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE – withdrawal [Moses] will initiate evocation of our God-ing [Elijah] — we must wage peace not war, our weapons are food, clothing, the essentials of human need, not sanctions, the denial – “God-given” gifting: WITHOUT MONEY, WITHOUT PRICE — the profit “motive” is a wasting of humanity: the vast majority of human consciousness/intellect denied, undiscovered, wasted, occupied/suppressed by vested claim and commodification [the daily struggle; the systemic slavery] – commonwealth motive vs. self-serving motive; ** intellect and resource claim in pursuit of private [incl. group] wealth is a crime against God’s gifts, against God ** !! – life is a gift, it is not something to be earned, it is something to be gifted; earning a living implies claim: ONLY GOD HAS CLAIM; VESTED CLAIM AND COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE IS AN ABSOLUTE EVIL !! – slavery [privation demanded] is always good for profits !!