Corporate freedom is the enslavement of mankind; motivated definitions, conclusions, dismissals of opposition and/or those of lesser regard [ideas; persons, etc.], as defined — fruitful true conviction vs. fruitless affirmation; God is gifted, applied, experienced, not just believed in … the Kingdom of God is the experience of God in the here-and-now vs. our God-less exploitation of vulnerability !! – GOD IS, IF WE ARE; THE “I AM” !! – being AT ONE with God, in mind, thought, deed; the AT-ONE-MENT: will, being and doing !! – mankind’s ultimate survival instinct and impulse will be God: how much hurt will we cause, inflict on ourselves before we realize God ?? — we must not only believe the truth we must be(ing) the truth, and do(ing) the truth; deep psychological lock *with* God, in union, the “one mind” … THE MIND OF MIRACLES !! – OUR SIN IS OUR IGNORANCE OF GOD, the transgression of God’s character/law(way) of being; we must know God – sin is the absence of God, evil is the purposeful negation of God, where God cannot enter [ie., our systemic evil]; God comes from the inside [“let this mind be in you”]; we don’t move up in the Kingdom of God, we move in: deep humility, servanthood – the “revelation” of God will remove our ignorance, our sin: ** iniquity purged by mercy and truth ** !! – God-ing is not obligation, it is willingness, willing response-ability: unselfish, “agape” love.