We “destroy the works of the devil” [our purpose] by our God-ing !! – our God-ing is God’s Sword held, applied !! – God is NOT group-“personality” or use of the same: group-personality causes and excuses much evil – individuals with the “mind of God” are sovereign agape-individuals with unique gifts to share – wisdom is the application of knowledge; evil is the application of sin [lack of knowledge, ignorance of God; SELFISHNESS] — we are locked in a systemic prison; try to escape [plan; effect] and they will hunt you down; refuse to participate and they will abuse you, starve you; criticize and they will demean you, discredit you – media created “mass memory distortion” prevalent; news, talk show opinion discourse, interviews, waters muddied: shaping public view, opinion; fiction becomes fact when presented by accredited experts, even when proved false – systemic belief dissonance rejected by most [mentation¬†surrender]; perception is fragile, relative, easily distorted — social status, position, compared to God is irrelevant and non-existent; we are what we do [I AM]: our *being* determinant !! – family and friendship are an environment, a grace, a presence of God; the 10C jurisdiction, authority of love !! – we must reject our “State” imposed national identity(-ies), the imposed prejudice, the evil existent, and assume the identity of God, of Christ; we must “put on” the new man, the robes of [Christ’s] righteousness and cast away the filthy rags – GOD’S PURE WORD IS LOVE !! – all selfish “self-identity” must be rejected in total.