The COG [Church of God] must be the “leading edge” of God’s Sword, His Word; we must be sharp, a “keen” edge [a “critical” edge], able to slice through the confusion, the os-overlay [the operating systemic] of deception; this is so very essential in the “preparation” of the Gospel of Peace – WE MUST BECOME THE WORD; BEING AND DOING IN *ALL* THINGS !! – the COG Inc., is a dull, worn edge, the Body of Christ is no longer able to lift the Sword, the arm is withered; we must strengthen ourselves; the Sword is in Hand, we must pick the Sword up, clean it, polish and sharpen it, and go forth with it, TO APPLY GOD’S WORD IN LOVE !! — THE CHRIST-SYSTEMIC IS OUR ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL; business is a destructive systemic that requires imposed “cost” extrication and profit [the imposed cost on others]; MAMMON, DEBT AS LIFE, the opposite of what God is: LIBERTY AS LIFE !! — we are *saved* by Christ’s life, Christ “living” in us [Gal 2:20]: AS WE LIVE AS CHRIST, BY FAITH *OF* THE SON OF GOD, WE ARE SAVED, ** our God-ing heals us !! ** – WE ARE SAVED/HEALED BY *OUR* APPLICATION OF GOD, ** GIFTING HIS AGAPE LOVE !! **