Only “peace of mind” makes, establishes PEACE !! – our complicity [war] negates any “neutrality” claim; neutrality is actually complicity: DOING NOTHING is “sanction of evil” !! – attacking and replacing brutality by-and-with brutality [of a different name] *ensures* a continued conflict and management of the same !! — God’s Holy Spirit initiates [a catalyst process] our God response; our “unholy” sin reduces our capacity for service [the reduction of our future role, and our present one (our human-ity; self-lust vs. love)], separates us from God’s presence: God’s illumination [the light] begins to fade !! – MIND *OF* SELF IS WAR !! – sentimentality and/or submission is NOT what God represents – the “wisdom of the world” talks-and-walks for most of us; most are *NOT* response-able [requires God’s Spirit] vs. HARDENED LUST OF SELF !! – vendetta or mission, neither excuses brutality, violence !!