To be a future “judge” (of Righteousness) requires us to judge now, rightly discerning the Word of God, we must hate the evil and overcome the evil with good (evil purged by “mercy and truth” ONLY); WE MUST BE THE GOOD, THE APPLICATION OF CHRIST [the Word of God], WE MUST BE *AS* CHRIST, HIS VERY FLESH AND BLOOD, IN THE WORLD TODAY, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION, NOW IS THE TIME OF HEALING; THE VERY POWER/WORK OF GOD *IS* US *AS* GOD IS: THIS IS OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY, THE VERY *REASON* WE WERE GIVEN GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT, WE ARE CONSIDERED BY GOD *AS* GOD FAMILY IN THIS WORLD, AND WE MUST REALIZE THIS AND DO THE WORK OF OUR FATHER BY-AND-THROUGH CHRIST !! – we must *prepare* the Gospel of Christ, we must walk the path [feet shod], WE MUST PREPARE THE WORLD FOR HEALING: we are the witness and the application; WE ARE THE GOSPEL, the preparation begins with us; WE ARE THE CURE AMIDST THE DISEASE !! – NOW IS THE DAY OF GOD-KIND, OUR GOD-ING [of Salvation] !! – WE MUST BE *AS* GOD IN THIS WORLD [G2889 kosmos], in it, yet unspotted, NOT complicit in its instrumentality and its crimes; we must be considered a new creation, a new birth of righteousness [our being and doing], in a systemic of evil: WE SHALL SIT AS *JUDGES* [condemning the evil and overcoming it, purging it with mercy and truth], WE SHALL BE SAVIORS TO HUMANITY (Oba. 1:21), WE SHALL HEAL THEM WITH CHRIST !! – if we are *as* God now, then we shall *be* God when Christ returns with our Salvation, a salvation to be shared; this is the “healing” work that is before Christ and His Bride !!